Today, Habbo CBB, leaked a photo of what looked to be Drooseph . The picture was up for about 1minute before being removed again,  but our reports grabbed the photo before anyone else could ! This is definitely an exclusive from FUSE ! The photo has covered Drooseph's eyes and wrote ' ITS ALL IN THE EYES' over it. What do they mean by this? Is it something to do with the Big Brother Logo? Is it a hint to a task? That's ALL to be revealed shortly. But for now, this is all our reporters could get their hands on, and it's very juicy indeed ! Some call it evil, we call it hardcore journalism.


 H-STAR's FIRST Fashion Campaign RELEASED !

Rousa has recently released Habbo Star's first fashion Campaign, the name of the campaign is the popular highstreet fashion company, '' DKNY '' She also released the face of the campaign, she chose :-RITA.ORA-: to be the face of this campaign. The campaign will include photoshoots, runway shows and a popup shop ! This is a FUSE Exclusive
Follow Rousa and :-RITA.ORA-: now ! Ellen: and Deoxy. designed that promotional poster, Deoxy also designed this site !

 Total Stardom, Episode 1 Launch !

Today Faky's new Reality show, Total Stardom released Episode 1 of the show. Episode 1 contains info about all the girls, helping you to choose your favourite. Each girl has their own segment in the video. You can watch the video right now ! This video also features former housemate, SekioDior ! This has got a ***** star rating from Fuse, well done Faky !


Last night, ' ughchanel ' was crowned winner of Habbo Xfactor Australia, owned by Faky, ughchanel will now receive 200credits, and a record deal with Habmix Records, currently owned by Didcot, Faky and Lympic. Habbo, this is your 2013 Habbo XFactor Australia WINNER ! You can congratulate her on Twitter here. Chanel was mentored by Arnaldo- , winning Habbo XFactor Australia is a great boost for your future career, and we can tell this is a custom to keep an eye on. When she's big, you'll think ' Remember when FUSE did an article on her? ' Also you can follow Arnaldo here , and the competition here .That's the latest, more to come on Total Stardom and our new weekly article soon !

 EXCLUSIVE: .Beyonce: MCSWT Rehearsals Pic !

As you all know from previous articles, .Beyonce: is launching her tour VERY soon. Here is a photo of H-STAR Beyoncé rehearsing with two male dancers, that's the top photo. And in the lower photo you can see what looks to be the back of LaurieAnnG!bson , one of H-STAR's finest choreographers. We are sure there will be more exclusives from the tour and from Ms.Fierce herself. This photo has only been shown on TWO websites, as PerezHilton got to this juicy gossip first ! Darnit ! You can also view .Beyonce: 's second promo poster on her Twitter @MsHabboFierce !

 An Angel in disguise!

Bre Chandler Swank recently gave new custom artist FaraFox  a VIP 
make-over, Bre is such a generous person, to help out Fara by purchasing HC for her on Habbo. Fara is also in Bre's record label, CHI. We wish Bre all the best on her Marriage , Newborn and life . This is the second act of people buying HC for users, Faky did this for 2 members of Faky's new reality show Total Stardom!

 @.:BRITNEY:.@ Posts Mysterious Pic!

Earlier this week, another H-STAR Royalty Member, @.:BRITNEY:.@ posted this mysterious photograph of her rehearsing, is this a hint towards Britney performing in the H-STAR launch? We think it might be! Britney captioned the photo with '' Guess what I'm working on.. '' We hope Britney performs on the Launch! We adore Britney and think she is an AMAZING tribute. Much like the other H-STAR Royalty Members.

 .Beyonce: Tour details Release!

H-STAR Royalty .Beyonce: has released her promotional video for the Mrs.Carter Show World Tour ! .Beyonce: has now released, her tour video, dates and now her tour promotional poster, located beside this post. You can view the video and see the dates here. There has been a lot of hype for this show, and we at Fuse are extremely excited for this show, are you? When the tour begins we will have exclusive pictures ect ! That's all for now, Enjoy!

FUSE Magazine make-over!

FUSE Magazine has officially been re-designed with the creative help of Deoxy.

Now FUSE Magazine will run as a gossip only website with rapid feeds of images and news.



Faky's on the search again! 

One of the most talked about Habbos, Faky is on the search for the a New Icon Superstar, sorry yes.. I repeat a SUPERSTAR as she launches a new reality TV SHOW HabboSTARDOM.

Six Girls will enter a house but only one girl will walk out and into 

the famous Habbo Celebrity World as the Next Music Icon.

We, for one are super excited to see the females compete. Will there be a male version by Lejd? Maybe ! It will be nice to see a new face in the Habbo Music Industry.