SekioDior Exclusive Interview !

Will we be seeing any new faces on your new Reality Show?

That's a good question, for my reality show, you will get to see my team, my band, my sister, also my total stardom sisters, will be making it to a scene of the show.So yes, you will see the life of Sekio Dior, what I go through every single day.

Tell us about your new album, Twisted Hearts !

Twisted Hearts, omg *Blushes* Twisted Hearts is all about, Love, Party, it's just so twisted in ts own rights. Like some days you feel like you wanna be in love, you miss the person you was with, or you feel like a boss. You just wanna party and have fun, So, TwistedHearts is just so TWISTED !

You're also a confirmed judge on the HXF USA Panel, what talent are you looking for this season?

This season, I will be looking for entertainers. I mean lets be honest in this generation, Yes its about good music, but its also about entertainment, you have to capivate the audience, so I will be looking for the new '' IT '' person in the industry, My 3 things, You believe it, You seek it, You thrive it!

You're known to be great friends with Carmen Fierce, will we hear another collab with Carmen?

Well it's possible, on the second album. There maybe a collab, just will be a good produced song. So, hey it's a good chance.

What Habbo retro did you begin on, before moving to Habbo itself?

Well I got my start on Habbo, I was a tribute for Nicki Minaj. Worked with 8 agencys like HSA, CianUK, SuperWorks, ect. Won 2 grammys as Nicki Minaj, also co-own a agency with Superworks HSA. Then I went off to Fatal, co-owned Vanity Affair, with my sister Nicki. So my big start really started from here, then I expanded to retro's for larger fanbase :)

You're also popular for your fashion lines, will there ever be a Male line?

Yes, I just released 2 new lines, Indulge Couture, which is a Woman/Man line for like weddings, or special events. Then I released Dior Fenty, which is an all male line. IT'S SO HAWT!

Many people want to know this, has Sekio Dior got a boyfriend?

-Looks into his eyes, giggles* Yes, Benjamin Franklin is my man! My only true love!

What is your album's release date?

Oct 1st, 2013 Twisted Hearts will be in stores. Which is on pre-orders now on my website! I sold a good amount so far on the Pre-Order.

Can you explain ' The Freedom Song ' ?

Freedom, was just a song for me, to really get off the negative energy that people have thrown to me in the making of my career. I just really needed peolpe to realize like I'm good here, what I done in 2months will take people a lifetime to do. 'Cause people don't take charge of the career, so it's like I dont care what you saying about me, I'm a STAR before the album even came out, so why are you mad? 

Will a Sekio Dior tour be coming to Habbo and/or Retros?

Yes, I will be doing a Twisted Hearts tour, probally in the new year, But I am going on a tour with someone very soon, as a support act. So he should be releasing that in October, when I do a tour '' TwistedHearts '' tour, it will be cross worlds, 'Cause I can't forget my Retro's fans, and I have to do some on here for my fans here too.

Okay, well thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to speak to FUSE Sekio, we wish you all the best with your career !

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                                       '' #BeEPIC '' 

 Sekio Dior's Listening Party Interviews

Are you proud of H-STAR's own, SekioDior?
Of course we are! I am present today on behalf of the board of HS.
What's it feel like to be SekioDior?
It's crazy !
Nicki Minaj
What's your favourite SekioDior song?
My favourite SekioDior song is her collab with CarmenFierce.
Sonia Rivera
Who are you wearing tonight?
I am wearing my Total Stardom Final outfit tonight, I love it !

 We speak to YellowFanta !

You were nearly eliminated from the competition in the start, but now you won it ! How do you feel?
I felt amazing, I thought I was the most hated in the comp. but I guess not. They actually voted me. :)

How was it having a family member as your mentor?
It was really fun. But she didn't treat me anyway different than anyone else. She pushed all of us to succeed. And I guess it worked.

Any hints as to what your debut single will be?
3) It has to do with, gold :)

Any favourites on Habbo XFactor UK?
4) I didn't really watch it but I think DivaDolls is in it. I hope they win , i think

We all know you adore Ariana Grande, but you never performed an Ariana song, why is that?
She didn't fit the themes which made me mad. -_- But You'll be seeing ALOT more of her soon :)

How does it feel to be the number one performer in the USA, you must feel amazing !
Its feels very amazing. I still can't believe I won. It was really close in voting but I guess America wanted me to win.

Will you be making alot of music videos with Habmix, or are you going to create your own?
Umm, I'll be making my own videos, but under Habmix because I'm apart of them now!

Who was the most supportive sister?
Hard one, But I'd have to say Carmen because she was my mentor and she did practice with me time and time and pushed me to succeed

What can we expect from YellowFanta in the future?
You can expect to see much more of me. Might be a tour, Or many more things I can't tell you :) ! But be on the watch.

Many people want to know, are you single?!
*whispers* shh but, yes lol  

 We speak to Re-Union !

What can we expect from your return?
There's a lot expected From my return. I am so glad to be back. I have missed doing what I love but I feel that I needed the break.
As people know HabMix Records is now under new management and I've discussed everything that's upcoming with the new owners. I can't wait to reveal my upcoming work and projects. I LOVE my job.

You must of got some amazing ideas on your break, can you reveal any?
As I've had a few weeks off I've come up with so much. I've been preparing for upcoming performances etc. I can't really reveal to much, but I'm very excited!

What advice would you give male customs trying to become e-famous?
I feel that if you want to make it, you need to find who you are, you need to have something different and stand out to be noticed. The best advice I could give someone is to practice and perfect your craft, after all being a custom is all about hard work and coming up with your own ideas. I wish all aspiring customs the best of luck and people need to remember there's room for everyone in this industry!

Will you be releasing any music soon?
When I return I'll be focusing on the final two singles taken from my award winning debut album . In a few weeks Locked Out Heaven will be recorded and released. Then Moves Like Jagger featuring Drooseph will be released.

What is the biggest thing you have done in your Habbo career?
I think that it would have to be going on my very own stadium tour. I am all about performing. I get this buzz when I perform and it's such a fun part of my job interacting with the people who have supported you since day one.

So, you have ALOT of fans, what does it feel like to know people look up to you?
It's overwhelming that people support me, I couldn't be anymore thankful, without them I would not have achieved everything I have done .

Are the rumours about you joining H-STAR true?
Well, we will have to wait and see signing to HS has always been a dream of mine so we'll have to wait and see! It would be AMAZING!

 Any favourites in HXF UK/USA?
I'm loving both series of Habbo X Factor. I really believe that the Diva Dolls, Unuqualised and KaylaOneill from the UK version have something there. With regards to Habbo X Factor USA I'd have to say Impundent and SagBags really stand out for me. I wish all contestants the best of luck, having gone through the process I know how they feel.

People hate on you sometimes, what do you respond with? 
Of course everyone has someone who dislikes them. Haters only make you stronger. I try to ignore negative press and just focus on the positive.

How do you keep your Habbo personal life and your Habbo business life seperate? It must be hard !
Well most of my friends in my personal Habbo life are in the industry anyway which means we understand each other. It's hard sometimes because the industry is very busy and we don't always get to see eachother.
Thank you to Re-Union for his Time ! Follow him here.